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Here I present new pictures and describe what moved me to create it and what I encounter during filling, coating the earth and viewing of the final image.
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brightly lit - shine brightly

Erdbilder/Earth imagesPosted by Ute Wild Mon, August 28, 2017 17:33:51

58cm x 37cm x 5cm, earth and paper on jute, portrait Roxana Küwen born in 1989
58cm x 37cm x 5cm, earth on jute, call for light

In August 2017 I moved my earths and can finally create earth images again. I am fascinated by a young circus artist and a malachite dust, which I have received from a friend who grinds precious stones.

After the creation of the call for light, I experienced a lot of love, understanding, connection, unity and joy on my journey to my daughter and a women 's camp in Thuringia - a bright change that I can observe and feel for which I am very grateful.